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Adams County Republican
Organization Meeting
Saturday, 11 Feb 2017
Official Results

Attendance: 56 out of 232 (24%)

Thanks to our volunteers today for Credentials and Teller Committees!

Congratulations to our winners!

Election of ACRC (County) Officers [votes]:

Adams County Republican Party Chairman - Anil Mathai [acclamation]
Adams County Republican Party Vice-Chairman - Former Rep. JoAnn Windholtz [acclamation]
Adams County Republican Party Secretary- Doug Woody [acclamation]

Election of Vacancy Commitee Chair (votes):

Gary Mikes (acclamation)

The ACRC Executive Committee will serve as the various ACRC Vacancy Committees.

Election of 16 Bonus Members to CO GOP Central Committee via elections in HD (votes):

*Note that some House Districts had better attendance than others, and this accounts for most of the variation in vote toatals. Each HD elected 2 or 3 Bonus Members.
  • Ben Nicholas (17)
  • Joe Janecky (17)
  • Gaylynn Jameson (14)
  • Jeanne Woody (10)
  • Clark Bolser (10)
  • Art Dubus (8)
  • Sharon Croghan (7)
  • Meaghan Croghan (7)
  • Lloyd Daniel Garcia (7)
  • Jessica Sandgren (6)
  • Neal Mancuso (5)
  • Jayne Schindler (5)
  • Jim Schindler (5)
  • Arnold Gerlock (5)
  • Kaarl Hoopes (3)
  • Matthew Zielinski (2)

Election of 4 Bonus Members to CD 6 Central Committee (votes):

  • Sheriff Mike McIntosh (won by acclamation)
  • Tom Preston (won by acclamation)
  • Jonathan Isaacs (won by acclamation)
  • Arnold Gerlock (won by acclamation)

Election of 10 Bonus Members to CD 7 Central Committee (votes):

  • Gary Mikes (acclamation)
  • Nancy Thompson (acclamation)
  • Joe Janecky (acclamation)
  • Gerald Celaya (acclamation)
  • Matt Dudley (acclamation)
  • Lisa Dudley (acclamation)
  • Skinny Winkler (acclamation)
  • Michele Haedrich (acclamation)
  • Clark Bolser (acclamation)
  • Tom Grassia (acclamation)

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