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Fall Central Committee Mtg

Executive Committee Meeting
Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015, 7PM
Front Range Airport
Watkins, CO

Adams County Events

Hold Her Accountable

Review Presidential Candidates' Score Card

PCP Action Items

Complete the following by October 6th if at all possible. Contact your Area Coordinator or email adcogop@gmail.com if you have any questions or support needs. 
  1. Sign and return your DB User Agreement
  2. Watch the Voter Registration Video on the trainig page (must be logged in)
  3. Sign and return the VRD Affirmation (must recertify in January 2016)
  4. Obtain the list of people in your precinct you need to register from your Area Coordinator
  5. Register voters on your list for your precinct (on hold until after the election)
  6. Status your Area Coordinator on your efforts.
  7. Visit our website for other ideas on how to take action and organize your precinct
  8. Contact your Area Coordinator for more information or help if needed

17.5 Rule

  • 70% of eligible voters are registered
  • 30% of eligible voters are not registered
  • Only half of the 70% Registered to vote, actually vote
  • So, only 35% of eligible voters, actually vote
  • Only 17.5% people decide who leads, what laws we must follow, and how our $$ is spent
  • You do the math!
  • Contact us  to be a PCP or help us register more voters


Exempt Me Too

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