For those who may not have heard: widely known, well-respected & dedicated Republican leader Gil Farin has passed away. We're sharing a note from his family (which includes information on services for Gil) in our News section.

Adams County Republican
Organization Meeting
Saturday, 11 Feb 2017
Official Results

Attendance: 56 out of 232 (24%)
Thanks to our volunteers today for Credentials and Teller Committees!

Congratulations to our winners!

Election of ACRC (County) Officers [votes]:

  • Adams County Republican Party Chairman - Anil Mathai [won by acclamation]
  • Adams County Republican Party Vice-Chairman - Former Rep. JoAnn Windholtz [won by acclamation]
  • Adams County Republican Party Secretary- Doug Woody [won by acclamation]

Election of Vacancy Commitee Chair (votes)

  • Adams County Republican Party Vacancy Committee Chair – Gary Mikes (won by acclamation)

The ACRC Executive Committee will serve as the various ACRC Vacancy Committees.

Election of 16 Bonus Members to CO GOP Central Committee via elections in HD (votes):
*Note that some House Districts had better attendance than others, and this accounts for most of the variation in vote toatals. Each HD elected 2 or 3 Bonus Members.

  • Ben Nicholas (17)
  • Joe Janecky (17)
  • Gaylynn Jameson (14)
  • Jeanne Woody (10)
  • Clark Bolser (10)
  • Art Dubus (8)
  • Sharon Croghan (7)
  • Meaghan Croghan (7)
  • Lloyd Daniel Garcia (7)
  • Jessica Sandgren (6)
  • Neal Mancuso (5)
  • Jayne Schindler (5)
  • Jim Schindler (5)
  • Arnold Gerlock (5)
  • Kaarl Hoopes (3)
  • Matthew Zielinski (2)

Election of 4 Bonus Members to CD 6 Central Committee (votes):

  • Sheriff Mike McIntosh (won by acclamation)
  • Tom Preston (won by acclamation)
  • Jonathan Isaacs (won by acclamation)
  • Arnold Gerlock (won by acclamation)

Election of 10 Bonus Members to CD 7 Central Committee (votes):

  • Gary Mikes (won by acclamation)
  • Nancy Thompson (won by acclamation)
  • Joe Janecky (won by acclamation)
  • Gerald Celaya (won by acclamation)
  • Matt Dudley (won by acclamation)
  • Lisa Dudley (won by acclamation)
  • Skinny Winkler (won by acclamation)
  • Michele Haedrich (won by acclamation)
  • Clark Bolser (won by acclamation)
  • Tom Grassia (won by acclamation)

House & Senate District Officers and District Captains as well as contact pages will be updated shortly.

Municipal Elections

In 2017, Colorado will be electing city council and school board representatives. If you've ever thought about serving your community in the government, this is a great way to start. Watch this space for details about seats up for this term, or contact your local school district or city clerk to get started.

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Exec Cmte Meeting
Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, 7 pm
Date & Time Tentative

O'Meara Ford
2nd Floor Community Room
400 W 104th Ave

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Reagan Club
1st Thursdays

Amazing Grace Community Church 6:30-8:30pm
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North Suburban Rep Forum
2nd Saturdays

Amazing Grace Community Church
541 E 99th Place, Thornton

AdCo GOP Women Trumpeteers
4th Saturdays

Amazing Grace Community Church
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